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The Sun Planet "Nibiru"


Planet X is considered either an asteroid or a brown dwarf star and is around 5 times the size of the earth. Each orbit of Planet X takes around 3,500 to 3,600 years.

"What is known for sure is that a large "Planet X" comet is coming in from behind the sun . It is being covered up/blacked-out by the controlled media but SOHO photos on the web by independent astrophysicists show it to be highly magnetic and already causing massive solar corona ejecta when it passed between Venus and the Sun. When it passes the earth it could do the same, attracting solar ejecta with effects ranging from scorching “fire from the sky” to massive lightening storms and EMP pulses. It could also trigger the pole shift with 300 mile per hour winds, mile high tidal waves, massive earthquakes and unprecedented volcanism creating a “nuclear winter” effect (extreme cold) for years to come.

The current evidence certainly suggests that we are in deed going through changes now.

And here are some examples:

  • Bizarre Global weather in 2007, flooding nearly every country on the globe.
  • Ice Storms, blizzards and record breaking snow globally during winter months.
  • Record heat waves and record cold waves worldwide.
  • Sun rising and setting on June 21, 2007 at a 26 degree angle North of Dallas latitude.
  • 2 volcanoes erupting simultaneously in April 2007
  • 2 additional volcanoes erupting simultaneously in July 2007
  • A fifth volcano erupting 2007
  • 17 more volcanoes sending out thermal plumes simultaneously.
  • 318 earthquakes above 4.0 between June 23 and July 23, 2007.
  • Eleven earthquakes between June 23 and July 23, 2007 were above 6.0.
  • Between Jan and July 2007, there were 21 earthquakes above 6.0.
  • Tree leaves changing to autumn colors in May and June 2007 in south central US.
  • Loss of entire GPS satellite system in Dec 2006 which was not revealed until Apr 2007.
  • Satellite weather image of Earth on Dec 6, 2006 at 19:15 Zulu showing earth shifting
  • Satellite weather image of Earth on Dec 4, 2006 at 12:30 Zulu showing earth shifting
  • Satellite loops showing bizarre weather patterns over US between April & July 2007
  • Satellite & statistical weather comparisons between 2001 and 2007
  • Ion storms, solar radiation and solar imaging for 2007
  • Solar magnetic storm sheered earth's outer atmosphere, Oct 1998 (per NASA)
  • Ion fountains & solar winds at earth's poles Jan 1999 (per NASA)
  • Solar images and solar emission charts showing no historic solar flare occurred & the GPS
  • system was knocked down due to the axial slippage.

Sudden 26Deg Tilt In Earth's Axis

(Please look at the information, images and data before dismissing this. You can easily verify this info to confirm its validity. Links to sources provided. The info shown on this site is courtesy NASA, USGS, NOAA, NWS, SOHO and your American Tax dollars which fund them.)

Sudden Tilt 26Degrees

Planet X is our tenth planet, known in most historical records by many names. The average solar system is binary (has two suns) and has a dwarf that orbits back and forth or around the two suns. Our solar system is average in both regards. Please see the Press Release and view the diagram there. Pioneers 10 and 11 found our 10th planet and our dark star twin sun and much effort has been made to keep this from the public.

Planet X Nibiru Spotted - The most popular videos are a click away

Planet Nibiru (Ne.Bi.Ru) is known by many names, such as: Planet X, The Twelfth Planet, Marduk, Paradise, "Heaven" and the "Kingdom of the Heavens" "The Sun Planet" and etc. in various cultures. Although Nibiru has been called The Twelfth Planet, technically it is not a planet of our solar system. In fact, it is a planet from another solar system and the star that was the sun of its solar system has been extinguished. Nibiru was never visible from the Earth but the star which was the centre of Nibiru's solar system was visible in the skies from Earth. The orbiting pattern of Nibiru gave the Anunnaki the advantage of having a mobile observatory from which they could observe and investigate many other planets near its orbit.

The early people named Planet X as Nibiru in Sumerian, and Marduk in Babylonian. It has been said that the ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the twelfth planet in our solar system and that it was "heaven" where their gods resided and came from.

Nibirians, the people of Nibiru, The sun planet are often referred to as Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim (plural for god), and Mardukians. I shall refer to them as Anunnaki as this is what the general population was known as by the Sumerians and by those at the present time. The word "Anunnaki" literally means "those who came from heaven to earth". In the Old Testament these "heavenly" visitors are called "Anakim".

The Sumerian race hade had a remarkable knowledge of our Solar system. A Race Over 6000 Years ago had knowledge which we have only recently verified.

The Question now is with all the infomation coming out of the woodwork, the whistle blowers and some of the governments un answered questions is what will it take before it is believable?? If you take a deep look in to the subject, you begin to question even your own beliefs for the evidence is quite staggering. And if you look even deeper you will soon see that NASA most deffinatly have not denied it's existance, they rather divert the subject all together to something else.


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